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Feel the music!

Northwest Productions

"Music expresses what can not be said, but is impossible to say nothing about"

Victor Hugo

Feel the music!

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General Information

We are a small Group of Producers and Artists, starting to work together, and trying to raise our standards after every published Track. You can help us by commentating your honest opinion on YouTube, and share our Videos to grow our Community.

We would be happy about Collaborations, too. Our Headquarter is in Dessau, Germany. If you are interested in collaborating, or become a part of the group, contact us!

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Short Throwback

The Group was founded at the 01.01.2017 with the first three Tracks we ever made. After that we started a SoundCloud, and even later a Account. They are all still online, but our main Platform is YouTube.

Our Google+ is not always up to date, but we will always be active on the other platforms...

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